PD71 - Portable UHF PD Detector

  • 6 synchronous channels
  • Real-time PRPD/PRPS data
  • Wireless phase synchronization
  • Competitive cost
  • CIGRE complaint (5pC)

Compact, light, easy to carry around site, simple displays for very advanced features makes the PD71 one of the best tools for periodic GIS UHF PD measurement.

A range of standard external PD sensors can be supplied, or the system can interface to any other UHF PD
sensor on the market.

The PD71 system can provide automated simple results, or advanced screens for experts showing the pulse timing sequences between channels.

The main software interface is simple enough to be used with minimal training. A full range of trends, patterns and parameters are available for the expert user.

Custom real views can be used if available, or any other representation of the GIS. Basic parameters are displayed on the real and schematic views.

Number of PD channels6
UHF PD frequency bandwidth300 MHz ... 1.5 GHz
UHF PD amplitude range-75 dBmV ... -5 dBmV
PD location accuracy<50 cm
Maximum PD pulses per second30 000
Communication interfacesEthernet, USB
Operating temperature range-20°C to 70°C
Relative humidity range<95% non-condensing
Size410×300×170 (mm)
Weight8.0 kg